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Meet the Doctor:

Dr. Markel attended Regent University, while living in Virginia Beach, Virginia. It was there that he earned a Bachelor of Science degree. After moving to Dallas to attend Parker University, Dr. Markel earned a second Bachelor's degree in Human Health and Wellness and, ultimately, received his Doctorate in Chiropractic. He's certified by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners, and holds an additional board certification in Physical Therapy. North Texas is now Dr. Markel's permanent home. He most enjoys spending time with his wife and three children, and tending to the livestock on their small ranch.


Dr. Markel passionately enables the community of Denton to take charge of their own healthcare by providing chiropractic treatments, acupuncture, physiotherapy, nutritional counseling, as well as sharing his knowledge through lectures and health seminars. Dr. Markel is a published columnist whose works can be seen in various newspapers and magazines throughout North Texas.

Chiropractic Care

At Life Point Chiropractic & Wellness Center, patients receive care in three distinct phases:


Relief Care

The majority of patients consult a chiropractor because they have an ache or pain. In the first phase of care, the main objective is to eliminate or reduce your discomfort and stabilize your condition in the shortest amount of time. During this phase, progress is usually rapid. The number of times you visit during this phase of care varies and is dependent upon your specific condition. If you are not responding to chiropractic care during this phase, you may be referred to another health-care provider. 


Corrective Care

Once your condition has stabilized, you enter the second phase of care where the objective is to correct any underlying injury or cause of discomfort, strengthen the muscles, and improve neuromusculoskeletal function. It is important to remember that many of the conditions for which people seek care have developed over many years. Therefore, correcting these problems is a true rehabilitative process. 


Wellness Care

You then "graduate" to the wellness phase, which is designed to maintain your improved health, encourage normal spinal function, prevent the return of the original condition, and catch small problems before they become serious. A personal wellness care program will be designed specifically for you where we teach you how to incorporate good nutrition and exercise habits into your everyday life, thereby promoting vitality, endurance, and the ability to enjoy life at its fullest.

Diagnostic Services

On your first visit to Life Point, you will receive a consultation to discuss your health concerns and goals. A physical exam will be performed complete with orthopedic and neurologic tests. As part of your examination, Dr. Alex Markel may also perform a computer analysis of your spine. The test is Dynamic Surface EMG and is similar to an "EKG" for the heart. Originally developed for use by NASA to measure the effects of zero gravity and fatigue on astronauts, EMG has recently been shown to correlate with neurological reflexes that occur with injury. Electrodes are placed over the muscles to identify the exact location of abnormal muscle activity. The test is painless, quick and, most importantly, helps us determine what further evaluations or tests may be necessary.
Life Point also frequently utilizes x-rays, MRI, and laboratory tests to ensure accurate and effective treatment.


Dr. Markel is a Certified Medical Examiner for DOT exams.
Call the appointment line to schedule an exam.

Our Office


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